We, as creatives change how we experience the world; from generating purposeful content, effectively communicating ideas, solving problems, and improving products and processes, the impact of a creative person is often great. 

It becomes necessary for us to take on different roles in order to thrive in the workplace. From product research to being able to effectively pitch ideas to a room of non-creatives, major and minor roles for the creative emerge. While some roles come intrinsically, others require practice in order to maximize our ability to express and establish ourselves in the workplace. 

Inside Job 2019 identifies six common roles creatives play that build upon one another in a project life cycle. Implementing these archetypes into a creative identity will bring clarity and confidence to attendees as they own their role in the workplace. 

Inside Job 2019 has identified six common archetypes as:


Through the exploration of each of the archetypes, creatives in attendance will begin to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses within the cycle, honing areas that require attention and celebrating those they excel at.

Understanding the importance of the creative starts with the individual owning their role. From being able to dynamically communicate, to embracing design as a thought catalyst, creative professionals enhance the organizations we work for. When creatives understand our role, workplaces can be radically transformed as we are valued, heard, and located.